In His Footsteps

Should I say I am so blessed and thankful to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to have travelled and literally walked on the lands where Jesus lived, died and ressurrected – walking where Jesus walked, where the prophets prophesized, and where the apostles lived, was thrilling beyond words.  In return, I am so proud and happy to share this blessing with you thru this post (it’s been awhile tho since my last post hehehe).

Since i was a kid in my religion class (during my elementary & high school days) and read the Holy Bible laging first honors sa Religion class haha, i dreamed of going to the Holy Land.  To my surprise, this dream came true when i was sent to Israel to attend a 3-week training program on agribusiness (marketing & export management- but of course am not gonna detail on this thing ) and fortunately, I had the chance to visit most significant places associated with Jesus – sacred places which I’ve only encountered in the Bible and usually seen on NGC – but now with my naked eyes (soooo amazing, unbelievable – beyond these words nga, haha).  I don’t know where to begin to speak of my experiences on this trip — to talk about how much I learned, what wonderful things I saw, how spiritually emotional it was to touch, see, feel, smell all that Jesus touched, saw, felt and smelled.  Each stop was filled with so much wonderful stuff that it was hard to believe that the next stop could be better– but it always was.Mt. PrecipiceI’ll start with the first stop @ Mt. Precipice, Nazareth – according to Catholic tradition, the site where Jesus leaped from the hill after having been chased from the synagogue.  At the top of the cliff, you can see the fantastic views of the Yizrael valley and the round-shaped Mount Tabor in the background. Inside the Church of The AnnunciationChurch of The Annunciation





Still in Nazareth is the Church of The Annunciation – the site where, according to Roman Catholic tradition, the Annunciation took place. Greek Orthodox tradition holds that this event occurred while Mary was drawing water from a local spring in Nazareth.  How amazing, how goldilocks haha!  Sea of GalilleeI wish I could have walked also (like Jesus did) over the waters of Galillee – renowned for being the beautiful waterfront before where Jesus performed His miracles (the story of Jesus calming the stormy waters and the infamous feeding of the multitude), it has also been acknowledged in the New Testament as a lush and bountiful giver of life; a rich source of fish stock for the Israelites. Standing there I could just imagine how our Lord Jesus first proclaimed it to His disciples in Biblical times — and then a big chill went down my back, nakakakilabot talaga.Jordan RiverBaptism @ Jordan





Get wet @ the Jordan River.  Running from the Sea of Galilee into the Dead Sea, it was extremely important as a source of water during biblical times.  Jesus came to the Jordan River to seek his own baptism from John the Baptist.   The water is so calm, fresh and clean – uminom pa nga ang batangmangyan – and luckily I was able to bring home some haha (bottled water from the holy land).  Town of Jesus Synagogue of Jesus




 A quick stop in Capernaum – where Jesus did most of his preaching and healings.Mt. of OlivesGethsemani





A short climb to Mount of Olives: a place of many of Jesus’ activities; Dominus Flevit, where Jesus cried over Jerusalem; Ascension Church and The Our Father Church. Beit Faji Church, where Jesus started his ride towards Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  Gethsemani where Jesus suffered the agony in the garden right before his crucifixion. Jerusalem

Few places inspire such passion as Jerusalem. Its significance to Jews, Christians and Muslims endures. The Israeli capital’s major sites include the Old City, the Wailing Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the tomb), Via Dolorosa (the way of the cross), and the Dome of the Rock- the third-holiest Islam shrine in the world. The Old City is easily explored on foot. Away from the religious sights, jazz clubs, hip restaurants, arthouse cinemas and edgy theater entertain Jerusalem’s 725,000 inhabitants and constant stream of visitors and pilgrims.

The Way of the Cross

Via Dolorosa - The Way of the Cross

Inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I kissed the stone on which Jesus’ body was laid down and was anointed after death and before entombment.   At that moment, I felt a big chill went down my whole body, then tears started to fall – I cried, wala akong nasabi kundi “salamat po Panginoon”.  Those were tears of joy, tears of contentment, mga luha ng pasasalamat – I felt the presence of Jesus – and I’d say this was the higlight of my trip to Jerusalem.  By chance, I am now a certified Jerusalem Pilgrim. The Dead Sea

What was different about a refreshing morning swim in a clear turquoise water of Jordan River?  How about if it’s in the Dead Sea?! My Last stop — The Dead Sea – it has 37% salt in it or it is 6 times saltier than other seas, so we’re absolutely buoyant and float up (nakalutang kahit hindi marunong lumangoy, haha astig!).  The Dead Sea is 1,200 ft. below sea level – the lowest point on Earth.

We travelled on to the northern edge of the Dead Sea and the Judean Desert and beyond, had a glimpse of a greener Jordan Valley and Jericho.

Unfortunately, the group wasn’t able to have a peek on the Church of Nativity in Betlehem and also the city of Jericho while these two cities are currently under the Palestinian Government. 

The knowledge of the scriptures, the events of Christ’s life, the historical sites I visited – was no less than amazing.  No question was left unanswered.  And everything I saw was up close and personal. I don’t know if my words will encourage you somehow to visit Israel, or maybe dream of going there someday – maybe sooner or later (maybe some of you had already been there).   I would highly recommend it.  It is a life changing experience.

The Gospels now have a face.  I have walked in His footsteps and my memories from this trip are of a value untouched and unparalleled by money.  Yet the most important thing is that we continue to walk in His footsteps, follow His teachings that will guide us to a more meaningful journey of life — that will lead us all to our ultimate destination.  

“The strenght of a man consists in finding out the way God is going, and going that way.”

112 Responses to “In His Footsteps”

  1. a very rewarding trip.kakaiba yung naramdaman ko habang binabasa yung story mo specially when i saw the stone on which HE was laid down. kahit ako man siguru nun mapapaiyak. seeing those places is surely a life-changing experience..

    astig ng trip mo na ‘to tol! sobrang kakaiba.. salamat sa pagbabahagi sa amin! i cant explain, pero eto yung point… “am proud na kaibigan ako ng batangmangyan!!”

  2. So nice naman at napaka holy ng iyong visit sa Holy Land. I wish I could be there too. Sana in my lifetime makita ko rin kung ano ang lugar na kinagalawan ni Jesus.

    God Bless Batang Mangyan!

  3. second base! second base! second base!!!

  4. salamat sa pag-share sa amin ng pilgrimage mo. astig!

    siguro mag-o-organize na tayo ng pilgrimage ng mga bloggers!

    ako ang chaplain. hehe.

  5. P’re, sobrang nag-enjoy naman akong basahin to.naisip ko tuloy, anu kaya ang pakiramdam na mahawakan mo yong pinaghimlayan ng Panginoon?bk di lang maiyak at maglupasay pa ako sa tuwa.hehe

    galing ng pagkakakwento ung emotion mo nung nandun ka.

    Sbi nga ng frend ko na galing din ng israel, ibang iba daw ang pakiramdam kpag nanjan ka sa mga lugar na yan.haays… Kelan k kaya maranasan ung pakiramdam na yun?

  6. tears of joy, tears of contentment – yan nga siguro yung mapifeel natin when Jesus is in our heart.

    Upon reading your entry na feel ko rin yung “chill”, thank you for sharing this one life-changing experience of yours. Siguro masasabi ko rin na through this entry, na bless ako… what can I say, THANK YOU!

  7. ang galing..ang ganda! kakakilabot siguro dyan no?

    sana makarating din ako dyan!

  8. napa wow ako ..
    kuya.. parang gusto ko lumipad pa punta jan makita ko rin ung pinag himlayan ni bro..nakaka amaze naman..

    🙂 kitang kita rin sa captured mo ang kasiyahan mo..:)

    • lipad na! sobrang saya, sarap talaga ng pakiramdam. sabi ko nga isang pangarap lang din yun para sa akin. napakaswerte ko nga lang at sa tulong Nya ay natupad ang pangarap kong ‘yun. lahat naman Sya ang nakakaalam. God bless at salamat sa pagdaan.

  9. I was absolutely thrilled to read this post of yours.

    By far, this is the most interesting and rewarding of all your holidays. The Great Israel, the Holy Land. You’ve been on a biblical journey. You experienced the Gospel. You’d seen it all.

    You are such a lucky lad. You’ve been almost everywhere. The Silicon Valley, the Land of Oz and quite a few places in between 🙂 What else can you ask for?

    I’ve always dreamt that someday, I’ll be able to set my foot on the Holy Ground. Should you decide to hire a temporary P.A. I’d be more than happy to apply. I’m just YM away.

  10. gusto ko din mag travel diyan

    gusto kong ma experience yung mahawakan mo yung genuine na pinangyarihan


    i like the post with reflections pa

    well said.


  11. hello! first time ko sa bahay mo..

    wow! ang galing! yang mga ganyang laboy sana ang napupuntahan ko, very meaningful.. I really wish i can go there too as pilgrim.. ang galing.. bigla akong nainggit, to see, touch, smell and felt the land of where Jesus and his disciples once lived.. ang galing!

    • wow..sobrang welcome ka dito jorge. salamat sa pagdaan.

      naku ikaw pa, eh balita ko eh ikaw ang talagang susunod sa Footsteps ni BRO. ngayon pa lang, kaisa mo na ako sa iyong tatahaking prayers for you bro. keep me posted kahit nasa seminaryo kana. salamat ulit.

  12. kaya naman pala ang tagal nawala ehh..

    ang ganda ng mga pics, parang ang sarap puntahan o bisitahin yung lugar ni Papa God.. hihihi.. ang ganda ng post!nice one!

  13. grabe! handame “commenters” ahehehehe! tol sobrang ganda, nakakapangilabot habang binabasa. WHen i was in saudi, sobra din ang gusto ko punta jan kaso di tlga pinalad eh..

    IM HAPPY FOR U tol! astig! a ONE of a KIND. yehhaaaa. Larga pa! :d

  14. wow, sobrang nakakainggit naman itong business slash training trip mo… Holy Land kung Holy Land!!! you are so blessed for being sent there. ultimate travel destinaation ata yan ng mga Kristyano.

    And who could beat this experience: “I kissed the stone on which Jesus’ body was laid down and was anointed after death and before entombment.”

    next time na ipadala ka sa israel, isilid mo na lang ako sa bagahe mo. hehehe! naiinggit talaga ako! 😛

  15. para ka palang si Ignatius… manghang-mangha nung napuntahan nya ang mga lugar na napuntahan mo… haaayyy… kakainggit…

    balang araw ako rin… siguro, iiyak ako… hehehe…

    thanks for this post!

  16. Wow…. Holy Lang… Israel… one of my ultimate dream destination! Thanks for sharing your pictures and experience… reading through, I could feel the chill that you felt… nakakakilabot siguro habang hinahaplos mo yong stone where Jesus was laid, no?

  17. Wow. You’re so blessed.

    BTW, napadaan lang po.

    Be safe.

  18. OMG totoo ba tong nakikita ko? mamamatay yata ako sa inggit T_T i loved the way you appreciated the opportunity

  19. Your so blessed na mbgyan ng chance mkrating jan, i thnk mdmi stin ang pnpngarap n makpunta jan. I hope 1 day,mkdalaw dn me sa banal na lugar na yan. Ty 4 sharing.

  20. that was definitely one of my dream trips. hope to go there someday.

  21. wow…
    nakaka tulala.

    nagka goosebumps ako
    nung makita ko mga pictures..

    talagang sa Israel yan!

    dyan naganap ang mga nababasa ko sa bible!
    wow talaga!

    sa SuperBook ko lang napapanood yan dati!


  22. waw astig mo kuya 🙂 ang swerte mo’t napadpad ka na jan..
    siguro maiiyak din ako dun sa stone. hehe.
    oyeah we’re uber lucky and blessed.
    so be a blessing din dapat! apir!

  23. boypulubi Says:

    Ayos lang ba tayo diyan parekoy? Musta ang mga biyahe?
    Ingat sa mga bagyo ok.

  24. i am sure affected sa bagyo ang mindoro?

    kumusta naman ang batangmangyan?

    • hindi naman gaano affected ang mindoro fr., mabuti na lang kasi lowland din ang place namin 🙂

      medyo busy father after the long vacation, naipon ang work. hehe. salamat sa palaging pagbisita sa batangmangyan.

  25. padaan lang po sandali… 🙂

  26. p’re musta na?

  27. pictures and everything… truly life changing. pero pre, may nagbago ba? hehehe. just joking!

    very nice experience and i really feel the chill you’re saying. while im reading your blog…. wow, muntik na rin akong mapaiyak, pinigil ko lang kasi im here in the office at may dumaan na batangmangyan. kainis, na-udlot tuloy ang aking pag-emote. nandun na e ha!!!! malapit na! to the highest level na e. hehehe.

    pero pre, ‘lang biro. overwelming ang trip na mo na yan. very amazing!

  28. ang swerte mo naman parekoy..kahit ako siguro maluluha din.
    parangarap ko din makapunta jan.
    soon na..hehe

  29. slamat po sa pagbahagi ng trip nio..prang na feel ko ung sa may stone kung saan nka higa c jesus pra tlgang maiiyak,mybe sa sobra sya dhil ngbigay sya ng mgandang halimbawa sa bwat isa i hope ive given a change to see those places 2..thanks po

  30. Oh, wow! You’ve been to one of my dream destinations! Ang galing naman. Congrats! But more than the experience of having set foot on that land, what makes this post worth reading are your enriching reflections and realizations.

    Salamat pala sa pagdaan sa blog ko. Pasensiya na ngayon lang ako nakadalaw, ngayon din lang kasi ako na-resurrect sa blogging world 😀

  31. padaan… hehe. huwaw! kelan kaya ko mapapadpad dian… pangarap na lang. 😉

  32. tao po?! 😀

    😦 may nkita ako di ko sasabihin. 😦

    (kulitin mo muna ako tol :P)

  33. waw.

    hehe padaan lang kuya bm! apir! 🙂

  34. bibihira lang ang mga kristiynong pinoy ang makarating at masilayan ang lugar kung saan ipinanganak at namatay ang tagapag ligtas ng sanlibutan.

    Mapalad ka kapatid..

  35. ui, paramdam lang po… nice to meet u BM!! 🙂

  36. lots of adventures. missed it. whew!
    and also lots of comments here. hehe.
    already your link. sorry if it took a while. only read it now. been busy lately.

  37. hehehe di pa pala naipost ang iyong adventure sa davao, hehe. kailan mo ipopost un?

  38. habang binabasa ko ang mga comments, naisip ko siguro maganda rin siguro kung mag-organize tayo ng pilgrimage na puro bloggers…kahit local pilgrimage lang (tagaytay or manaoag)…pero dapat planuhin ng maayos, siguro pag matagal-tagal ako sa manila. hehe.

  39. kamusta na kuya joel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    mabuhay! hahaha

  40. bakit biglang huminto?

  41. onesounddrum Says:

    gara..ngayon ko lang nakita yung tomb ni Jesus..talgang napahinto sa pic na in…yun tipong existing ba..ah ewan bsta salamat sa pag post para ako tinatapik ni bro…amen sign of the cross

  42. nainggit ako kay Bm ! gala to the max!

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